Get to Know Us

Who Are We?

Greg, Steve and Jan! We all met in Eugene Oregon almost 2 decades ago. Since then Steve and Greg got married, we’ve worked together, played together, cooked together, camped together, been to Burning Man together, and explored together. While Greg and Steve left Oregon, and then so did Jan for a while, we are reuniting in Ashland to run this property, greet guests, and enjoy Southern Oregon. With the 3 of us, we have the skills to take care of the property, buildings, guests - and ourselves!


Greg grew up not too far away and has a sister and father in neighboring Phoenix OR. He has experience in construction, building maintenance, loves making jewelry, taking care of plants (and now Koi), dressing up, hiking. He is our personal grill master. He believes he’s going to enjoy getting involved with the local Talent Maker City with 3d printers. He is interested in exploring what being an ocularist is, skilled in the art of fitting, painting and fabricating custom ocular prosthesis. He is great with his hands, detail oriented and patient teaching the rest of us some of his skills! He is also known for his Burning Man creations. - The Umbrella of Photo Memories that lights up at night and twirls in the breeze - at the Alvord Desert.

We will be adding more about Steve and Jan soon!

In the meantime, photos of us at play in the Alvord Desert, only 5-1/2 hours away