Historic Main House Rental

Rent the Historic Main House?
We love living in the Craftsman Style Historic Main House!  We have also found that sharing it with groups of people who know each other, cook, and enjoy the back patio has brings us a lot of fulfillment. We enjoy the sounds of merriment! While usually we want to enjoy the facilities ourselves, we are open to renting the ground floor of Main House on special arrangements - only to those special people who have stayed with us in the past. The facilities include:

  • one bedroom with a private bathroom
  • a fully furbished kitchen
  • original craftsman dining room
  • living room
  • rear patio with grill overlooking the koi pond
  • the ability to rent up to 5 additional suites in the Carriage House and the Rosebud

Email us with requests including the number of bedrooms, number of people and the possible dates.