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Greetings from Ashland!

We are writing to you to share a new chapter in A Cowslip’s Belle Inn's life. Steve, Jan and Greg purchased the property this Spring. We are excited to bring some new energy - post COVID and the big fires. We intend to be very hands on, hosting and operating the inn ourselves, so you have the opportunity to get to know us! We plan to give the rooms a little update, a touch newer look, spruce up the finishes - and yet honor the beautiful Craftsman character of the building, the openness of the courtyard, and peace of the koi pond.


Britt Music and Arts Festival - until mid September. Pacific Northwest's premier outdoor summer world class performing arts festival. Located in the historic 1850s gold rush town of Jacksonville, Oregon (USA), Britt presents dozens of summer concerts.  World class classical jazz, folk, bluegrass, world, pop and country music.

Upcoming Events:

Oregon Shakespeare Festival - until mid October 2023: Nationally renowned theatre arts organization that presents a rotating repertory season of up to eight plays and musicals, including both classics and new work

Oregon Cabaret Theatre - until October 31st: A dining and cabaret experience.

  • https://oregoncabaret.com/
  • Five on Fire
  • Kinky Boots
  • Poirot: Murder of Roger Ackroyd
  • Christmas at the Prime Rib Playhouse
  • HalloQueen Drag Show 2023

Camelot Theatre - until December 31st! High-quality affordable plays, musicals and musical events, providing a supportive environment for professional and amateur theatre artists and technicians and inspiring and training adults, teens and children in the theatre arts.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Tyler Hokama is the new interim director for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Nataki Garrett recently resigned after leading the festival thru a lot of challenges. Follow this link for more information: https://www.osfashland.org/new...

Who are we?

Greg, Steve and Jan. We all met in Eugene Oregon almost 2 decades ago. Since then Steve and Greg got married, we’ve worked together, played together, cooked together, camped together, been to Burning Man together, and explored together. While Greg and Steve left Oregon, and then so did Jan for a while, we are reuniting in Ashland to run this property, greet guests, and enjoy Southern Oregon. With the 3 of us, we have the skills to take care of the property, buildings, guests, and take care of each other. In this newsletter we’re going to focus on Greg.

Greg grew up not too far away and has a sister and father in neighboring Phoenix OR. He has experience in construction, building maintenance, loves making jewelry, taking care of plants (and now Koi), dressing up, hiking. He is our personal grill master. He believes he’s going to enjoy getting involved with the local Talent Maker City with 3d printers. He is interested in exploring what being an ocularist is, skilled in the art of fitting, painting and fabricating custom ocular prosthesis. He is great with his hands, detail oriented and patient teaching the rest of us some of his skills! He is also known for his Burning Man creations. - The Umbrella of Photo Memories that lights up at night and twirls in the breeze - at the Alvord Desert.

Housewarming Party

We took advantage of an open window and invited neighbors, friends and family. This included Michael, the previous owner who has been wonderful to help us with the transition, and Megan who grew up in A Cowslip’s Belle.

Many friendly welcoming neighbors stopped by to meet us, meet each other again after COVID isolation. There are ideas of gathering again, maybe a reading by a neighbor who’s a published mystery writer, maybe neighborhood yoga, Halloween Party, wine tasting… It’s really wonderful to find ourselves in a friendly community. Jan found a fellow Chinese American just a couple of doors away.

After hours photo with Angela's friends

Spring in the Garden

In the short time we have been here we have watched the rhododendron and azaleas grow from green buds to bursting blooms! The warm sunny weather after the very snowy winter here is lighting up redbud and dogwood.

The housewarming party inspired us also to clean the koi pond and give them an equally fresh start. One of them is now named Murky because “they” were particularly good at hiding in the muck.

Jan's Featured Event

September 9th and 16th, 2023 - Crater Lake Ride the Rim https://ridetherimoregon.com/&...;

This is a ride that I’ve done twice and had a great time! Want to join me this year?

Ride, run, walk, or scooter on two VEHICLE-FREE DAYS at Crater Lake National Park. 33 miles, 4000 ft. elevation gain, with plenty of bike support stations with bike repair, snacks, water. Amazing views, calm peaceful roads, and many happy friendly people out to enjoy the day and experience Crater Lake in a unique way.. You don’t have to do the whole route, you can just go for a couple of miles. We saw families on a quad tandem, someone riding a wooden bike, tricycles, pedestrians, kids, and dogs. I’m even trying to get my 95 year old active mother to join us on a scooter! The volunteers were wonderful. It's only a $10 suggested donation to join this ride. ~


Winter 2023/2023 Newsletter